BREWER, MAINE — Nyle Systems on Jan. 21 introduced a new drying system to address flexibility in food and pet food manufacturing applications. The system, the Nyle Container Food Dryer, incorporates several features that offer energy efficiency and adaptability.

The Container Food Dryer includes a dehumidification unit, air handling equipment and touch screen controls to create a controlled climate for drying. Custom racks, shelves, trays and carts can be installed within the container chamber, depending on each unique process and product.

The dryer is “pre-fabricated,” Nyle explained, which means it is modular and can accommodate facility layout changes, expansions or a small operational workspace.

The dehumidification feature works to reduce product moisture and maintain key quality characteristics, including color, texture, nutrients and essential ingredients that could be harmed through processing. Additionally, heat pumps are used for drying in applications such as pet treats, where low-and-slow drying and humidity control are the main objectives. Pet food can also be dried using Nyle’s Container Food Dryer, as well as a number of other food products.

“Our energy-efficient systems feature heat pump technology, so they may also help food manufacturers save money and qualify for one of the state energy efficiency incentive programs popping up around the country,” said Ton Mathissen, chief executive officer of Nyle.

“A recent customer in Massachusetts received an energy efficiency grant from their state which covered the cost of the drying system,” he added.

The system also features a closed-loop container chamber where controllers can closely manage the atmosphere inside through the touch screen controls. It can also be accessed remotely and provides real-time temperature, relative humidity and air speed data. Controllers can set and save presets for specific products to maintain consistency and quality control from batch to batch.

Nyle offers more than 40 years of experience as a drying equipment provider.

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