MINNEAPOLIS — Primal Health, a Minnesota-based biotechnology company, announced March 6 its TEEF! dental health products for pets will now be available in 33 Chuck and Don’s pet stores across the state thanks to a distribution partnership with Independent Pet Partners (IPP).

TEEF! said distribution throughout Minnesota is step one in its partnership with IPP, with hopes to grow its retail presence to the national level in the future. IPP is an organization comprised of four independent pet retail brands, spanning 174 locations in 12 states.

The dental health product is a patented prebiotic blend called “Protektin42,” which has been proven to prevent bacteria from causing dental disease in humans and dogs, according TEEF! Ingredients include four human-grade prebiotics. The product is added to drinking water for a brush-free dental solution.

Emily Stein, Ph.D., chief executive officer of TEEF!, presented in Purina’s Pet Care Innovation Prize pitch event during Global Pet Expo 2020 as one of five finalists to participate in the accelerator program.

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