AUSTIN, TEXAS — Pet Honesty®, a leading vet-recommended and natural pet supplement brand, introduced its latest supplement innovation: Fresh Breath Dental Powder. The product is a meal-time supplement topper specifically designed to help support oral health in dogs. 

“Periodontal health is a major concern for dogs and cats, and having a daily dental routine is integral,” said Greg Reinhart, Ph.D., vice president of research and development at Pet Honesty. “Fresh Breath Dental Powder offers pet parents an easy-to-use, highly effective solution to maintain their pets’ oral health, ensuring their beloved companions enjoy fresh breath, healthy gums and exceptional palatability.”

Pet Honesty's new Fresh Breath Dental Powder supplementSource: Pet Honesty

Fresh Breath Dental Powder pairs natural herbal ingredients, like decaffeinated green tea and parsley, with a postbiotic to help enhance the oral microbiome, reduce gum inflammation and freshen breath in canines. Additionally, the “unique” postbiotic included in the formula can help combat bad bacteria and reduce the formation of plaque. 

The supplement is also formulated with sodium hexametaphosphate (HMP) to help slow tartar buildup, kelp to disrupt the formation of biofilm, and a mint flavor palatable to dogs. According to a 2024 feeding study conducted by Pet Honesty, three out of four dogs preferred the supplement over the competition.

“Pet Honesty continues to support the trend of pet humanization, reacting to consumer search behavior for alternative pet supplements,” said Rich Greenberg, chief executive officer at Pet Honesty. “As consumers increasingly seek dental products that are convenient and effective, Fresh Breath Dental Powder meets these needs with clean ingredients backed by the Pet Honesty product pledge.”

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