MONTREAL — The packaging branch of TC Transcontinental announced Feb. 27 it is adding a Recycling Group to begin converting recovered plastic waste to recycled granules, which can be repurposed into new packages, containers and plastic products.

The group was formed to help the company achieve its goal to increase recycled post-consumer materials across its flexible plastic packaging portfolio and improve TC Continental’s value recovery.

It will collect plastics from the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors throughout North America.

“The creation of the Recycling Group aims to vertically integrate the recycling of plastics in our packaging production chain in Canada, the United States and Latin America, ultimately ensuring stable procurement of this material for us,” said François Olivier, president and chief executive officer of TC Transcontinental.

“This decision stems from our desire and that of many customers to differentiate ourselves with an offering of eco-responsible packaging products containing recycled plastic, accelerate its development, and create a truly circular economy for plastic that will bring further benefits for the environment and for communities,” Olivier added.

TC Transcontinental Packaging is seeking acquisitions in the recycling industry to expand the capabilities of this new group.

Sylvain Levert has been appointed to lead the Recycling Group as senior vice president, who will report to Thomas Morin, president of TC Transcontinental Packaging.  Levert was moved from his previous position as vice president of procurement at the company.

The Recycling team will be supported by Mathieu Séguin, general manager; Fabrice Laberge, Ph.D., director of research and development and recycling technology.

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