VIENNA — The World Branding Forum held its Animalis Edition of the World Branding Awards in Hofburg Palace in Vienna July 3, 2019, where 114 brands representing 38 countries across six continents received the Brand of the Year award. The winners were chosen from more than 1,000 nominated brands.

Thirteen US brands were named Brand of the Year, of which 4 brands produce pet foods and treats: PEDIGREE for its dry kibble dog food; WHISKAS for its canned and pouched cat foods; Purina Friskies for its dry kibble cat foods, and Himalayan Dog Chew for its natural pet treats. PEDIGREE and WHISKAS are both manufactured by Mars Petcare.

Additionally, seven Canadian brands were honored with the award, including Champion Petfoods’ ORIJEN brand of freeze-dried dog food.

Award types are tiered for international, regional and national brands. 

PEDIGREE, WHISKAS and Friskies won the Global Brand of the Year award, while Himalayan Dog Chew received the National Brand of the Year honor. ORIJEN received the Global Brand of the Year designation.

US-based brands received more total awards than any other country during the 2019-2020 ceremony. Seven brands in Japan and Canada were awarded, as well as six brands from the United Kingdom and Thailand, followed by five brands from Germany.

Recipients of the Brand of the Year award were chosen through a three-pronged voting system, where 30% of each brands’ points were determined in a brand evaluation conducted by the World Branding Forum’s research department, another 30% were determined by public online voting, and 40% were determined by consumer market research.

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