MINNEAPOLIS — Bühler North America announced April 16 its acquisition of PR&D, Inc., a leading equipment service company based in Perham, Minnesota. Bühler said PR&D will help Bühler expand and strengthen its services for the pet food, feed, grain and oilseed processing markets.

“This acquisition is all about honoring our promise and doing whatever it takes to help customers operate more effectively on a day-to-day basis, and, again, demonstrates Bühler’s commitment to North American feed, petfood, grain and oilseed processing customers”, says Brian Williams, VP of marketing and business development for Bühler North America.

The Perham facility will become a new Service Center for Bühler’s Customer Service network.

All PR&D employees have been hired onto the Bühler North America team, including Jeff Steinke, president of PR&D, and Greg Nelson, VP of PR&D, who will continue to lead operations in Perham. Operations there will continue unchanged, Bühler stated.

“From its conception, PR&D was built on customer service by supplying quality parts and fast, reliable service. By teaming up with Bühler, we will be able to update equipment, expand offerings to include deeper process expertise, allowing us to take our original mission to the next level,” states Jeff Steinke, president of PR&D.

Bühler stated plans to invest in equipment updates and supply chain processes in the future.

PR&D specifically provides pellet mill parts and services, including die and roll assembly, new dies and roll shells, as well as other processing equipment in the US and Canada.

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