TORONTO — Pet nutrition startup Because Animals Inc. announced it will release a line of cat treats in 2020 formulated with lab-cultured meat. A “clean meat” cat treat made from mouse cells will be the first product debuted by the company.

“What makes this clean meat extra special is that we've grown it without any animal ingredients,” said Shannon Falconer, Ph.D., CEO of Because Animals. “At the moment, the standard in the clean meat industry is to grow tissue using serum from another animal – usually fetal bovine serum. Because Animals is changing that by creating ultra-nutritious foods that provide all the nutritional benefits of traditional animal protein but with animal-free ingredients that protect pets, people and our planet.”

Because Animals reports its cell-based meat provides equal nutritional value as animal-based meat. It’s proprietary method of producing mouse tissue does not require fetal bovine serum.

The startup currently manufactures human-grade pet supplements with sustainably sourced and organic ingredients. It was founded by Shannon Falconer and Joshua Errett in December 2016 and sells its products via e-commerce. 


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