Royal Canin, subsidiary of Mars Incorporated, has implemented a cloud solution to help manage its global supply chain according to forecasting software provider, FuturMaster. Royal Canin launched the new technology in the US in 2018 and plans to deploy it in more than 20 other markets over the next three years.

FuturMaster tracks and manages product availability, inventory levels and transportation needs. With 3,600 different products and around 2,500 tonnes of dog and cat food being produced every day in 16 factories worldwide, Royal Canin is able to manage the challenges of supplying its customers around the globe.  

“Many of our products, often prescribed by vets, are there to cure ailments through better pet nutrition, so product availability is our obsession to secure the health of the 21 million cats and dogs we feed,” said Pascal Waller, global supply chain director at Royal Canin.

FuturMaster global supply chain graphicRoyal Canin decided to launch the software in all its markets in response to the growing complexity of the supply chain, a rising demand for specialty pet foods, and a double-digit annual sales growth within the company, according to Jared Hayton, head of logistics and customer care at Royal Canin USA.

“We’re virtually doubling our capacity, after adding three plants in the last three years, so FuturMaster delivers us the automated supply and demand management capabilities all in one system, so everyone’s in total alignment and sharing the same data.”

Royal Canin expects improvements in customer services and a more synchronized sense of supply and demand as a result of implementing the new technology. 

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