Packaged Facts released the 14th edition of its annual report, “Pet Food in the US,” which breaks down the size and scope of the pet food market and offers insights on market trends, growth opportunities and more.

Packaged Facts estimates US sales would grow to $27.15 billion in 2018, a 4.3% increase from 2017. Of these sales, dog food accounted for 67% totaling $18.2 billion, and cat food reached $9 billion. While dry pet food continues to dominate the market, wet pet food accounted for $6.91, or 25%, of sales, in 2018. Dry food holds 72% share at $19.6 billion in sales, followed by frozen/refrigerated at 1% and semi-moist products at less than 1%. Retail sales-tracking data show frozen/refrigerated dog food up 30% in 2018 to over $20M.

Pet specialty chains led omnichannel sales in 2018 with 23% of sales, followed by mass-market sellers at 20%. This is a change from 2017 when mass-market retailers led the pack with 20% of sales, pet specialty trailed closely behind with 19%. Online sales grew 6% over the past year, representing 17% of sales in 2018, according to Packaged Facts.

The report also points out events in the market that could have affected results in 2018, specific market drivers and other insights. Visit Packaged Facts’ website for more information on this data.

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