LOS ANGELES — California-based Barkstrong LLC has completed its acquisition of Great Life Pet Food  and will be increasing distribution of the all-natural Great Life dog food through regional pet specialty distributors.

Initially founded by Elliot Harvey, Ph.D., Great Life is focused on the health and nutrition of animals. The USA-based products are designed to reduce specific food-related issues such as allergies, sensitivities and digestive ailments. "Dr. E" — as he is referred to — studied a form of Eastern medicine that originated in China 5,000 years ago. His travels and unique homeopathic principles enabled him to grow from an operation out of his garage in California to a full pet food manufacturing plant in the Midwest.

Known for its special "Dr. E" formula, the currently available product line includes, Grain Free Great Life Chicken, Grain Free Great Life Buffalo, Grain Free Great Life Wild Salmon, and Dr. E's Grain Free LID Buffalo.

Great Life will be available for purchase online starting in late June 2018, with distribution through pet specialty retailers following shortly in Washington, Oregon, Southern California, Illinois, and Western Canada.

Barkstrong also recently acquired Wild Calling Pet Foods

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