COLUMBUS, WIS. — American Packaging Corporation (APC) recently introduced a new line of flexible pet food packaging solutions targeting recyclability. The range, dubbed RE™ Design for Recycle, features small treat pouches to larger kibble bags and builds upon the company’s existing sustainable portfolio.

“APC is committed to developing high-performance, sustainable packaging,” commented Ray Graham, president of APC. “Our RE™ Sustainable Packaging portfolio continues to expand with sustainable options for a wide variety of applications. For most products, we have one or more sustainable package options for our customers to consider for their brands, including Circular Content, Renewable Content, Design for Compost and Design for Recycle.”

According to APC, the priority in developing its new RE Design for Recycle portfolio was to develop a solution using only PE-based materials that are more compatible with recycling requirements than multi-material offerings, without sacrificing on quality and premiumization. The result is a line that meets demand for premium aesthetics and consumer functionality, as well as durability, shelf-life and manufacturability, the company shared.

APC leveraged both blown and oriented print webs, as well as newer innovations to provide better heat resistance, to develop the RE Design for Recycle line. The company used tailored sealants that allowed flexibility for moisture and oxygen barrier, grease resistance and durability properties. This includes optimizing drop and durability for large-format pet food bags, which is a key challenge for recyclable packaging solutions.

A range of printing technologies can be used to create gloss, matte, pattern matte or gloss, and clear windows that enhance packaging appearance. The solutions also feature higher CoF coatings to help maintain stacking integrity during palletization.

“According to recent market studies, pet owners are increasingly focused on sustainable pet ownership,” added Jeff Travis, manager of innovation and sustainability at APC. “Having options for sustainable and potentially recyclable packaging is necessary, and APC has a variety of market-ready solutions.”

RE Design for Recycle offers both rollstock and premade pouches, including bottom-gusseted stand-up pouches, conventional- and pinch-bottom dual-side gusseted bags, and side-gusseted flat-bottom pouches. The line is compliant with guidelines set by How2Recycle and the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), according to the company.

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