IRVINE, CALIF. — Layn Natural Ingredients announced April 25 it has validated the efficacy of its TruGro® AOX+ ingredient solution as a method of naturally preserving pet food.

According to the company, polyphenol-rich botanical extracts used in its TruGro AOX+ solution have proven their use as technological antioxidants, which prevent the onset of oxidation.

“The tests were done following the Oxidative Stability Index, or OSI, method using a Rancimat device,” said Juan Javierre, senior nutrition scientist at Layn Natural Ingredients. “As substrates, we tested oils and fats common in pet food diets, such as fish and chicken oil, assayed at the temperatures most adequate for these substrates. We found a highly protective effect on fat stability, and compounding the data to ambient temperature, TruGro AOX+ demonstrates excellent potential to extend the shelf life of pet food products up to a full year.”

Layn Natural Ingredients’ TruGro AOX+ ingredient includes rosemary extract and tea extract, which contain high levels of two primary antioxidants — diterpenes and catechins — respectively, according to the company. The ingredient also features pomegranate extract to assist with metal ion chelation.

According to Layn, the OSI test proves its TruGro AOX+ ingredient can “help to prevent iron and copper from initiating the oxidative degeneration of fats and vitamins” in a pet food formula. The use of plant-based extracts in the formula offers long-term, natural protection against oxidative rancidity, Layn shared, and can ultimately help processors extend their products’ shelf life. Additionally, the ingredient has been scientifically proven to support healthy joints and weight management in pets, according to Layn.

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