BARNSLEY, UNITED KINGDOM — Dog nutrition company Walker & Drake launched its latest innovation earlier this month: Chicken & Rice Working Dog Food. The new cold-pressed diet is specifically formulated to support working dog breeds, helping them maintain energy levels.

Unlike other dog breeds, working dogs are often hunting, herding, or assisting their owners, meaning they are always on the move and using their strength and cognition more so than during the average pet’s activities, according to Walker & Drake.

To support these highly active canines, Walker & Drake’s new Chicken & Rice Working Dog Food is formulated with high protein levels, as well as fruit and vegetables including potato, sweet potato, carrot, tomato and apple. The diet was developed in partnership with Walker & Drake’s nutritionist to help support muscle growth, immune health and overall health in working dogs. Additionally, the food slowly releases energy to help power these pups throughout the day. 

The formula is also cold-pressed, which, according to Walker & Drake, can provide more nutrients by leveraging a gentle cooking process. The ingredients are pressed at low temperatures to preserve vitamins, minerals and proteins. According to Walker & Drake, this gentle process retains more nutrients compared to traditional kibble and wet foods, and also improves digestibility by allowing dogs to absorb more nutrients. 

Walker & Drake’s Chicken & Rice Working Dog Food recipe is available in 12-kg (about 26.5-lb) bags.

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