BERKEL-ENSCHOT, THE NETHERLANDS — Lan Handling Technologies is inviting global food and beverage professionals, including those in the wet pet food processing industry, to its facility in Berkel-Enschot on May 14 and 15 for tours, workshops and demonstrations of its automated batch retort solutions.

Dubbed Expert Days, the event will cater to three specific industries — ready-to-drink beverages, wet pet food, and ready meals — each of which can be supported by Lan Handling’s production lines.

The company’s fully automated production lines will be up and running during an exclusive facility tour, which will include live demonstrations of its equipment solutions.

Additionally, three expert presentations will be held to address hard-hitting topics affecting these three food and beverage sectors today. These presentations include:  

  • Navigating Tomorrow’s Beverage Industry: Future-Proof Filling and Agitation Technologies
  • Optimizing Efficiency in Fully Automated Variety Pack Systems: A Strategic Approach
  • A Sustainable Future: Innovations in Carton Handling for Preserved Food

JBT, Surdry, SIG, Somic, Waldner and other partners of Lan Handling Technologies will also share trends and insights impacting these markets.

“The Expert Days serves as a unique platform for industry professionals to explore innovative solutions, foster collaborations, and gain value insights into the latest advancements shaping the food and beverage landscape,” the company stated.

Learn more about Lan Handling Technologies’ 2024 Expert Days event and how to register, and tune in to the video below to get a glimpse of the company’s Expert Days event held in 2021.

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