In the ever-evolving world of pet health, the focus on overall wellness and longevity has never been more crucial. Age-related muscle loss is a common, but often overlooked, aspect of aging in pets. Maintaining muscle mass improves pets’ quality of life and can positively impact lifespan by keeping them healthy, agile and mobile in their later years. 

Our pets age more quickly than we do 

Muscle loss is a natural part of life. The average person loses between 8-15% of muscle mass each decade, accelerating over age 30. Age-related muscle loss is tied directly to the rate of mortality in humans.

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As with people, muscle loss is a major health problem facing our four-legged companions. In addition to being associated with a loss of strength, mobility and stability, age-related muscle loss is tied to increased morbidity and mortality in cats and dogs. Muscle loss can be further accelerated by illness or injury; reduced physical activity; excessive physical stress (e.g. overtraining); and diet/poor nutrition. 

Supporting muscle health indirectly aids in maintaining a healthy weight, ensuring joint health and enhancing mobility. All these factors contribute to a happier, more active life for pets, which is the ultimate goal for pet owners and brands alike. 


HMB is the proven answer for fighting against age-related muscle loss 

Thankfully, what has been scientifically proven to help humans has also been proven to help our companion animals. HMB (β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate) is a naturally occurring metabolite of the essential amino acid, leucine. 

HMB has been used for over two decades to help people improve their quality of life by maintaining muscle health that is otherwise impacted negatively by the aging process. 

How muscle condition score is graded in dogs by the WSAVA Global Nutrition CommitteeSource: WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee

Like people, maintaining muscle mass also improves pets’ quality of life and can positively impact lifespan by keeping them healthy and mobile in their later years. myHMB® has been shown to exert similar benefits on muscle in animals as those observed in numerous human studies. It has been shown to benefit racing Greyhounds, Iditarod sled dogs, quarter horses and thoroughbreds, among others.  

Produced at state-of-the-art cGMP facilities, myHMB® is the most clinically researched and validated HMB, used in 50+ human studies. It is the leading HMB ingredient for safety and regulatory compliance, rigorously tested for efficacy, safety and toxicity.


Run. Play. Thrive.™ 

myHMB® Pet is a well-proven ingredient that targets the root causes of muscle breakdown in aging pets to help keep pets active and healthy. It works by improving protein synthesis and reversing muscle protein breakdown. By incorporating myHMB® Pet into their products, pet brands can offer a proactive solution to compare age-related muscle loss, helping pets maintain their muscle strength and function as they age. 

Research findings suggest that HMB: 

  • Attenuates the process of muscle loss
  • Increases muscle mass and strength
  • Improves aerobic performance
  • Increases indicators of aerobic metabolism
  • Reduces exercise-induced muscle damage 

Regular exercise, a balanced diet and preventive care like supplementing with myHMB Pet are important in maintaining musculoskeletal health for pets. This not only supports their ability to engage in daily activities but also helps prevent common issues such as arthritis or joint pain. 


Consumers say they want this product 

Mobility and strength are two of the most critical health concerns for all pet owners, and loss of muscle is the primary cause of loss of strength, mobility and stability. Clearly, there is a strong interest in effective, scientifically proven solutions. 

This was made even clearer after a 10-person focus group, hosted by an independent consultant, provided feedback on myHMB® (CaHMB + Vitamin D) Pet Chews. Each participant had 1-2 dogs of various breeds and ages. 

Each 2.7 g soft chew delivered 333 mg of CaHMB and 110 IU vitamin D3. The chew size limits excess caloric intake, with the dosing allowing for all sizes of dogs: 1 chew per approximately 9 kg (20 lbs.) body weight. 

The feedback was very positive. 

  • Participants had a strong interest in a supplement that may prevent muscle loss
  • Participants were open to continued use and recommending the use of the supplement to others 
  • In addition to older pets, the participants saw potential benefits for younger animals
  • Participants felt it was important to clearly understand each ingredient in a pet supplement
  • 100% of participants asked where they could buy the chew product
  • Seven out of nine participants said they would buy the product immediately and two said they would buy it when their pet was a bit older 


Canine and equine business partnerships are available 

Are you interested in pursuing a muscle health, pet supplement business partnership? Collaboration agreements are available for pet products, including TSI’s exclusive myHMB + Vitamin D patented combination. 

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