PARSIPPANY, NJ. — Ohaus Corporation has introduced a “new generation” of bench scales for a range of processing and packaging applications, including pet food. The new Defender® 3000 portfolio features larger, backlit LCD indicator displays and enhanced software to keep lines running smoothly.

Results-oriented software offers quicker measurement for weighing, parts counting and checkweighing, according to Ohaus. Additionally, the LCD displays are in multicolor with color-changing graphic cues for when target weights are achieved, resulting in a more intuitive system, the company stated.

The Defender line of bench scales offers capacity from 30 lbs to up to 1,200 lbs. They are built for durability on stainless steel platforms, with options including either powder-coated steel frames with aluminum load cells, or full 304-stainless steel designs ideal for wet processing areas.

Additionally, these scales feature an RS232 port with optional Ethernet or USB ports for data transfer with a variety of systems.

Learn more about the Defender 3000 bench scale series on Ohaus’s website here.

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