LISBON, OHIO — BrightPet Nutrition Group shared it had acquired Raw Advantage Processing LLC on June 20. The acquisition is expected to further BrightPet’s position as a leader in the freeze-dried and frozen raw pet food space.

Since 1978, BrightPet has specialized in the minimally processed pet food sector, producing freeze-dried treats and slow-cooked, small-batch kibble for its own lines and private label brands. Since its founding, the company has grown to become a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium and super premium pet nutrition products, serving processors in the United States and with a presence in more than 30 international markets, according to the company. BrightPet’s brands include Stewart®, Blackwood®, Adirondack®, By Nature®, Miracle Care®, Bravo® and Hamilton®.

BrightPet is owned by A&M Capital Partners (AMCP) and received backing from the company to support its acquisition of Raw Advantage.

Based in Salem, Ore., Raw Advantage serves as a co-manufacturer of freeze-dried and frozen raw pet foods and treats. The family-owned company has become a trusted supplier of safe, premium pet nutrition products, according to Raw Advantage.

“We are thrilled to welcome Raw Advantage to the BrightPet family,” said Dave Kowal, chief executive officer of BrightPet. “Ryan Minch [founder and CEO of Raw Advantage] has proven himself to be a skilled operator at the highest level, and Raw Advantage’s consistent ability to deliver premium products that meet the exacting standards for food safety and quality have earned them a loyal customer base and positioned the company as a key player in the industry. Together, we expect to continue to deliver premium products that meet our customers’ high standards, enhance the well-being of pets, and bring joy to their owners.”

According to BrightPet, the acquisition fortifies its position as a top freeze-dried and frozen raw pet food manufacturer, in terms of capacity. Through the acquisition, Raw Advantage will provide BrightPet with additional scale and manufacturing capabilities, as well as an expansion in the West Coast. BrightPet will help strengthen Raw Advantage’s dry kibble, baked treats and freeze-dried offerings, and expand its footprint into the Midwest and East Coast regions.

“As a family-owned business, it was essential for us to find a partner that valued our legacy,” Minch said. “Joining forces with BrightPet gives us the assurance that Raw Advantage will continue to thrive and uphold our commitment to excellence, and we remain laser focused on providing our valued customers with the same high levels of service and product quality that they have come to expect from us. We are excited about the growth opportunities this collaboration brings and the positive impact we believe we can make together in the freeze-dried and frozen raw categories.”

Raw Advantage will be fully integrated into BrightPet’s operations, expanding both companies’ product capabilities and offerings to processors and consumers.

“We believe BrightPet's acquisition of Raw Advantage aligns well with our investment thesis, focusing on accretive acquisitions in high-growth product categories,” said Ryan McCarthy, partner at AMCP. “We believe the shared dedication to premium offerings, geographic synergies, and expanded production capabilities makes this a compelling strategic move that will deliver significant upside for both BrightPet and Raw Advantage customers. Looking to the future, there remains a robust pipeline of actionable targets to further strengthen the BrightPet platform, and we expect to continue to actively pursue strategic acquisition opportunities that position the Company for continued growth.”

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