MONTREAL — Hagen Group, a producer and distributor of pet products, opened its newest distribution center in the United States. The new distribution center represents a partnership between Hagen and Mikhaiel Logistics, which will operate the facility.

Located in Las Vegas, the 200,000-square-foot facility contains more than 4,000 pet products, ranging from supplies and toys to nutrition. According to Hagen, the center is ideally located to provide integrated distribution services and supply chain solutions to its customers throughout the western United States. The distribution center will complement Hagen’s existing facility in Mansfield, Mass., which has been operational since 2022.

The new facility will be the third Hagen distribution center to be operated by Mikhaiel Logistics.

“This great facility is the result of the collaboration between Hagen Group, Mikhaiel Logistics, Prologis, the State of Nevada and the staff of North Las Vegas,” said Trevor Bowie, chief operating officer, Hagen. “We are really excited about this new venture which will enhance our distribution capacity and enable us to service our clients more efficiently throughout the western United States.”

Mikhaiel Logistics has launched an employee recruitment campaign to support its growing operations, as well as the new facility.

“Having a presence in North Las Vegas and more specifically the United States, gives Mikhaiel Logistics the ability to fully service our customers throughout North America,” said Rob Seymour, vice president of Mikhaiel Logistics. “We truly believe that this move will push us further ahead in the logistics and transportation Industry.”

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