LONDON — Kisaco Research announced the 15 best in show pet care startups that will present at the Petcare Innovation Europe Best in Show Spotlight on May 3 and 4 in Berlin. Among the startups are pet nutrition-related companies Caboodle, CheckForPet, JAMPY, Purrmi, STRAYZ and TEEF for Life.

The Best in Show Spotlight seeks to connect investors with European startups to promote further innovation and partnerships within the pet care industry.

Founded in 2021, UK-based Caboodle offers dog food directly to consumers. The startup is focused on reducing overfeeding by providing consumers with the correct quantity of wet and dry formulas to keep dogs healthy. Through “Shop Stacks,” the company provides a combination of wet food, dry food, treats and chews pre-weighed and portioned based on a dog’s weight and needs. Each “Shop Stack” is designed for dogs between specific weights; for example, the Purple stack is ideal for dogs between 10 kg to 13 kg.

Dubbed the “TripAdvisor for pet food,” CheckForPet leverages more than 750,000 consumer pet food reviews, technological innovation and access to top-rated pet food products to provide pet parents with their desired pet food. The startup offers a pet food check, in which consumers can learn more about the pet food products they are interested in feeding their pets. Consumers can then try and buy the products they desire, all through CheckForPet.

Founded in 2020, Italian startup JAMPY produces natural, plant-based products to help support dog health and wellness. In its nutritional line, the company offers powdered supplements, including a multivitamin and biotics.

Portuguese startup Purrmi specializes in natural food tailored specifically for cats. The company currently offers three wet, complete-and-balanced diets, customized based on a cat’s gender and age among other characteristics, and shipped directly to consumers. Alongside its food, Purrmi also provides consumers with nutritional advice from veterinarians.

Founded in 2020, STRAYZ Petfood GmbH develops and distributes species-appropriate organic pet foods to helps support stray animals. For each STRAYZ product sold, the company donates one meal to a stray animal in need, as well as medical support. Currently, STRAYZ’s formulas include four complete-and-balanced wet diets and two treats for cats and dogs. So far, the company has donated more than 1 million meals to stray pets.

A subsidiary of Primal Health, TEEF for Life is a prebiotic pet dental brand. The startup leverages patented technology to grow beneficial bacteria to stop the growth of dental disease-associated bacteria in pets. Utilizing this technology, the brand offers supplements to help promote oral health in dogs and cats.

Alongside Caboodle, CheckForPet, JAMPY, Purrmi, STRAYZ and TEEF for Life, startups Artemis, BARQ/Pharmapets, Doderm, MI:RNA, Tuft Global, Vitactic/Petsie, WagIt, Bellylabs and Companion Pass have also been selected to participate in the Petcare Innovation Europe Best in Show Spotlight.

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