CHAMPAIN, ILL. — The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) expressed its support for the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine’s (CVM) upcoming public meeting on the ingredient review process, which will occur on Feb. 9 from 10 am. to 4 pm. EST.

“AAFCO deeply values the FDA’s work and commitment to food safety, and our partnership has always been effective and well-matched — maximizing the purpose and mission of both organizations,” said Austin Therrell, executive director of AAFCO, in a statement following the association’s Mid-Year Meeting. “In fact, this complementary partnership offers the most transparent pathway for engaging stakeholders and the public on new feed ingredients that are being considered for acceptance.”

The virtual meeting seeks to improve the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the FDA and AAFCO regarding the introduction of new and safe animal food ingredients. According to Therrell, industry professionals, regulators and consumers depend on the FDA’s partnership with AAFCO to help in various aspects of the ingredient definition and approval process, including:  

  • Safeguarding the acceptance of new ingredients
  • Creating a fair and equitable process that includes public review and approval opportunities
  • Driving innovation and ingredient efficacy
  • Ensuring public input and involvement in the ingredient review process
  • Establishing a faster and more efficient timeline of getting ingredients into the US market

“We support the FDA’s quest to improve the MOU and working relationship, and we want to make this process better and more transparent for all,” Therrell said.

At the meeting, the FDA will discuss its relationship with AAFCO and explain potential changes to its consultations with the association. Also during the meeting, AAFCO will explain how it collaborates with the FDA. Stakeholders will be given opportunity to share their feedback and suggestions with the FDA as it seeks to improve its role in AAFCO’s ingredient definition process.

“We encourage AAFCO members and the industry to join the Virtual Public Meeting, share their input, and help explore new ways to improve and enhance the AAFCO-FDA partnership for the best possible process,” Therrell said.

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