AUSTIN, TEXAS — On July 11, A Pup Above announced a new partnership with American Distribution Manufacturing Company (ADMC). The pet food company’s products will be available through ADMC beginning Aug. 1, expanding its distribution within the central corridor of the United States.

A Pup Above specializes in “gently cooked” pet foods formulated with bone broth.

“Gently cooked is a category we have seen take off in independent pet and we are thrilled to partner with A Pup Above as one of ADMC's first brands in this growing category,” said Travis Nelssen, regional sales manager for ADMC.

The pet food company revamped its formulas to include bone broth in March 2022.

“We are delighted to partner with ADMC to continue to fuel A Pup Above’s continued growth and expand the gently cooked category as a whole to retailers nationwide,” said Javier Marriott, co-founder and president of A Pup Above. “We look forward to better serving the central corridor of the United States with ADMC.”

Since its founding, A Pup Above has continued to expand its distribution through many partnerships, including those with Middle West DistributorsRio Grande Service CenterSoutheast PetFrontier Distributing and Fauna Foods Corp.

A Pup Above estimates that by the end of 2022, it will have a presence in 1,500 retailers throughout the country.

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