DES MOINES, IOWA — On May 25, Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer and supplier, launched its cloud-based management platform KEMINCONNECT™. The platform connects the company’s liquid application systems to its Internet of Things (IoT) tool.

The new platform helps link smart machines that analyze and diagnose equipment issues, improving equipment agility and effectiveness. KEMINCONNECT™ advances Kemin’s current automation and data exchange technologies within industrial manufacturing and commercial environments.

Following such growth in digitalization and automation within the animal feed industries, Kemin sought to support these industries with its new platform to maximize the benefits of digital solutions. The company first introduced the platform during an online event for animal nutrition and health industry professionals that covered the digitalization of the feed and pet food industries.

KEMINCONNECT allows for better integration of Kemin’s liquid application system into customers’ existing production equipment and processes. The digital platform can help increase agility and reactivity from Kemin’s support teams, as well as provide insights to operators on ways to improve production.

"Kemin is pioneering the future of value-added services linked to its liquid application systems for the industry," said Raf Snoekx, business development manager at Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health. "At Kemin, we use digital transformation to provide customers with all data and insights at hand, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that optimize their processes and operations. We do this through KEMINCONNECT, our digital application management platform created in-house and tailor-made to the needs of our customers."

Kemin is gradually rolling out its KEMINCONNECT after months of pilot projects, which included heavy involvement and input from its customers.

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