DES MOINES, IOWA — Kemin Industries announced June 20 it has developed a new cloud-based management platform to help renderers enhance efficiency and productivity. sciORIAN™ is a digital solution that aims to optimize application systems, as well as offer new process insights, for rendering operations. 

Kemin’s sciORIAN allows renderers to monitor their systems and processes from anytime and anywhere. The platform includes bulk tank and applicator monitoring, providing operators with real-time insights on product levels, system issues and more. The platform also can automatically send critical warnings and alerts on process issues. 

“sciORIAN will help renderers transform their processes with self-optimization,” said Raf Snoekx, associate director — digital solutions at Kemin Industries. “The platform includes responsive application and software support and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable self-optimization of processes. This can improve agility and reactivity while also improving quality and safety.”

According to Kemin, sciORIAN can also be used to assist with data analysis. The solution collects data from various sensors and analyzes it to provide renderers with processing insights, enhancing predictive analytics. The platform also offers customizable dashboards and reports, providing companies with real-time information, enabling them to reduce overall operating costs, increase productivity and ensure ease when implementing new Kemin products. 

Since sciORIAN collects valuable data, the system also comes with end-to-end, high security, ensuring that such data is safe at all times, according to Kemin. 

“Protection of customers’ process data and personal information is important to every part of our business,” Snoekx said. “Native multitenancy assures our customers’ data is 100% isolated and protected while ensuring data privacy and integrity.”

According to Kemin, sciORIAN aligns with its dedication to elevate applications services and provide customers with greater support to enhance their operations, productivity and agility. 

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