EVANSVILLE, ILL. — On March 1, Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. announced that its Earthborn Holistic brand is nearing its goal of planting one million trees through recycling one million bags by Earth Day, April 22, 2022.

In partnership with Trees for the Future, Earthborn Holistic has been plating trees in deforested areas worldwide through sponsorship from Midwestern Pet Foods. Customers collect UPCs from empty Earthborn Holistic pet food bags and mail them to a collection site. One bag equates to one planted tree. Currently, the brand has planted 928,265 trees from collected UPCs.

This dedication to forests is just one of the brands moves toward sustainability. Earthborn Holistic also offers upcycling and recycling of its pet treat and food bags through a partnership with TerraCycle. Through the Earthborn Reborn Program, the 100% recyclable, empty bags can be dropped off at participating retailers, who will upcycle or recycle the bags. Currently, the brand has raised $53,586 to support 278 forest gardens.

“We’re so excited,” said Brandi Kramer, marketing coordinator, Midwestern Pet Foods. “We encourage our customers to continue recycling Earthborn Holistic bags and turning in UPCs. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that we’re making a difference. At Midwestern Pet Foods, we love producing nutritious food for pets while simultaneously supporting sustainability.”

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