KĘDZIERZYN-KOŹLE, POLAND — Brenntag, a global chemical and ingredient distributor based in Germany, announced Dec. 12 plans to expand its animal nutrition and pet food ingredient facility in Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

The company will add a new production line and additional storage space to the existing site. The expansion will be implemented by the end of 2022, Brenntag stated.

“With this significant investment we are repaying the continuous trust our customers have put in our solutions for the Animal Nutrition and Pet Food industry,” said Wouter Vullings, director of animal nutrition for Brenntag’s EMEA division. “Brenntag developed its first solutions for this industry in Poland in 1999. Over the last 22 years we have expanded our production capabilities and capacity. As a result, the plant in Poland has evolved into a highly efficient production facility, serving customers from almost 40 countries globally. This investment plan is supporting our long-term strategic goal to increase our presence as leading solution provider in the Animal Nutrition market in the EMEA region.”

The plant in Poland is one of eight European facilities producing premix ingredients for use in animal nutrition and pet food formulations. These ingredients include preservatives, premixes to prevent bacterial contamination, promote gut health, prevent oxidation, and create solid solutions from liquid ingredients. Overall, Brenntag’s animal nutrition operations aim to reduce feed waste and promote sustainability along its value chain.

“We have been experiencing very high demand for dry premixtures for some time,” said Tomasz Kowalik, application development manager of animal nutrition for Brenntag’s EMEA division. ”This investment in our site in Poland is therefore a fitting opportunity to meet the ever-increasing market demands and individual needs of our customers even more. The planned expansion includes scaling up our production capacity, expanding into other type of products, and improving production and process automation.”

The Kędzierzyn-Koźle facility operates in accordance with FAMI-QS and GMP+ food safety guidelines.

“As consumers we are almost in daily contact with food products from animal origin or we enjoy the pleasure of pets in our homes. Brenntag products play a major role in our everyday lives,” added Frank Haven, president of nutrition for the company’s EMEA division. “Which is why I’m very pleased that our Animal Nutrition business unit has undergone an impressive development, successfully evolving into a dedicated solution provider.”

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