ROCKLIN, CALIF. — Campfire Treats, an all-natural dog treat manufacturer, announced mid-November it has pledged to ASPCA’s Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) to improve animal welfare along its chicken supply chain.

“From day one we’ve only used human-grade chicken sourced from American farms,” said Marko Wittich, president and co-founder of Campfire Treats. “This already sets us apart in an industry using mostly inferior feed-grade ingredients, often imported from overseas. But human-grade US chicken wasn’t enough for us. We want to publicly commit to the humane treatment of every chicken raised for use in Campfire Treats. By joining the Better Chicken Commitment we’re helping to end factory farming and build a more humane, sustainable and fair food system.”

According to the ASPCA, chicken is the most popular source of protein for both humans and dogs in the United States, with approximately 9 billion chickens slaughtered for meat annually and another 300 million used for egg production.

To this end, the ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other organizations aligned to establish the Better Chicken Commitment in 2016. With an increasing consumer demand for ethical sourcing, animal welfare and sustainability, pet food and treat manufacturers are poised to benefit from joining such coalitions.

“All animals deserve compassion,” said Julia Anne Johnson, manager of corporate policy at ASPCA Farm Animal Welfare. “In making this animal welfare commitment, Campfire Treats is raising the bar for pet food companies to address how farm animals are treated. With over 200 companies already committed to the Better Chicken Commitment, Campfire Treats has joined the movement to improve the lives of billions of birds.”

Companies who have pledged to the BCC have agreed to source chickens and chicken ingredients only from Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certified farms by 2024. This includes providing the birds more space, better lighting, cleaner flooring, and using more humane processing practices.

“Animal welfare has always been close to our hearts, so joining the Better Chicken Commitment is a natural step to build our business in line with our beliefs,” Wittich said.

Alongside its commitment to better chicken sourcing, Campfire Treats has also pledged to work with its farmer partners to improve animal welfare across its protein supply chain. The company, founded in 2017, offers several varieties of all-natural, single-ingredient dog treats and chews using US-sourced livestock and marine proteins.

According to Campfire Treats, it is one of the first pet treat companies in the United States to join the Better Chicken Commitment. The Honest Kitchen joined in April 2021.

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