ST. LOUIS — To support the aging cat population, Tiki Pets® recently introduced a line of senior-specific wet cat food formulas, designed for felines ages 11 and up.

Tiki Cat Silver includes three protein-focused wet cat food formulas in broth: Mousse & Shreds with Chicken, Duck & Duck Liver, Whole Foods with Chicken Recipe in Chicken Broth, and Whole Foods with Tuna & Mackerel Recipe in Tuna Broth. Each recipe features animal meat as the No. 1 ingredient.

Adding protein to a senior cat’s diet can support weight and muscle maintenance, as well as immune system health, according to Tiki Pets.

“As cats begin to age their protein requirements decline, but once they get very old their ability to digest protein and fat becomes impaired, so they actually start needing more protein in their diet,” explained Ann Hudson, vice president of marketing for Tiki Pets. “Unlike traditional senior recipes, Tiki Cat Silver offers larger amounts of high-quality, easily digestible protein and fat, which is one way it is customized to the nutritional needs of cats 11 and older.”

Tiki Cat Silver is also formulated with low phosphorus levels and added hydration to support kidney and urinary tract health. Pumpkin is featured in these formulas to support digestion, antioxidant vitamins A and E help boost the immune system and joint health, and Omega fatty acids can support immunity and mobility.

Hudson predicts the demand for geriatric pet nutrition products will continue to grow. According to the company, which cited VCA Animal Hospitals, the number of North American cats age 10 and over has increased by 15% over the last decade.

”Owners of very old cats are starting to understand their pets’ unique nutritional requirements,” Hudson concluded.

Tiki Cat also recently introduced a line of products designed specifically for kittens, Tiki Cat Baby™, in September.

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