CINCINNATI — Ed Evans has taken the helm at Pet Wants as brand president of the pet food and supply franchise.

Throughout his career, Evans has held various leadership roles — including president, chief operating officer and general manager — in public and private sectors. He specializes in developing brands and increasing revenue, according to Pet Wants.

"We are thrilled to welcome Ed Evans to our Executive Leadership Team at Strategic Franchising," said Chris Seman, president of Strategic Franchising, the owner of Pet Wants. "Ed's business acumen and transformational growth leadership will be an asset to the company as we elevate the brand and expand into new and evolving markets."

Ed Evans, brand president at Pet Wants. 

Founded in 2010, Pet Wants started by selling slow-cooked, small-batch pet food products direct-to-consumer and through independent retailers.  

“Pet Wants has done incredibly well from a development perspective,” Evans commented. “I plan to build on that success and transform this company into a powerhouse with a new approach to analytics, smart technology and marketing. I love leading companies through this type of transformation because it elevates the quality of life for everyone involved, especially the franchise owners. We are intently focused on increasing unit specific revenue and profitability.   

“Our corporate responsibility is to provide marketing programs, analytics, and technologies that enable unit specific growth while allowing our owners  to spend more time applying their unique talents so they can continue to be heroes in their communities.”

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