MENOMONEE FALLS, WIS. — Glenroy Inc. launched a portfolio of flexible, sustainable packaging solutions for pet food and treats, food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, personal care and household products.

The new Glenroy Sustainable Packaging line includes recyclable pouches and film laminations compliant with How2Recycle’s store drop-off label, post-consumer recycled (PCR) pouches and film laminations, and a premade, PCR standcap pouch made with up to 48% recycled content.

“As a part of the flexible packaging industry, we are focused more than ever on delivering sustainable flexible packaging solutions for our customers, retailers and consumers,” said Steve Nichols, vice president of sales and marketing at Glenroy. “Our lightweight flexible packaging already offers an eco-friendly impact compared to alternative package formats, but adding recyclable and PCR flexible packaging options increases the positive environmental impact exponentially. We’re excited about the future of flexible packaging.”

Glenroy is also exploring more eco-friendly ways to achieve operational efficiency and support the circular economy for flexible packaging materials.

“Glenroy is dedicated to being an active participant in the circular economy by finding ways to make our flexible packaging more eco-friendly,” said Evan Arnold, vice president of business development at Glenroy. “The Glenroy Sustainable Packaging portfolio offers recyclable and PCR options for brands in most industries to not only meet their stated sustainability goals, but also provide flexible packaging options that their consumers can feel good about.”

This marks the first few products from Glenroy Sustainable Packaging. The company plans to continue developing more environmentally conscious packaging solutions to add to this new portfolio.

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