PARIS — Arjowiggins Group Ltd, a global paper manufacturer based in Scotland, has launched a new sustainable flexible packaging alternative applicable for food, pet food and cosmetics applications.

The solution, Sylvicta, is a translucent, functional barrier paper providing competitive shelf life preservation and a lower environmental impact than conventional plastic packaging. It is manufactured from fully recyclable, compostable and marine degradable renewable materials.

"Despite the ongoing movement towards more sustainable packaging, plastics still remain a popular choice, largely for practical reasons,” said Christophe Jordan, managing director of Arjowiggins’ Translucent Papers division. “Until now, most of the existing offer, mainly in single-use packaging, use unrecyclable, multi-layered laminates incorporating plastics or aluminium foil.”

Arjowiggins paper packaging prototypesArjowiggins’ research and development teams developed the paper with natural bonding capabilities to provide a strong oxygen barrier, preventing food spoilage, as well as a barrier for aromas, mineral oils and fatty products.

"With Sylvicta, such solutions can be turned into fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper packaging,” Jordan added. “The product is simply revolutionary.”

Sylvicta is a versatile solution that can be foil-stamped, glued, embossed, metallized or coated with heat or cold-sealable materials, as well as printed in offset, gravure and flexography, according to Arjowiggins. The solution can be run through conventional packaging lines in a variety of formats, including pouches, bags, sachets, sacks and flow-packs.

The solution is FSC- and PEFC-certified, as well as ISO 14001-compliant. Additionally, Sylvicta offsets carbon through the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced program, Arjowiggins reported.

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