LUTZ, FLA. — METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection Application Center in Lutz is helping companies consider and test new inspection technologies to add to their operations.

The center is equipped with a wide range of the company’s solutions, including metal detectors, checkweighers, vison and x-ray systems, and serialization machines.

The company is offering to collect and test-run products through a free program, providing a full report of product testing within two to four days. Report metrics include inspection accuracy, performance and detection sensitivity.

METTLER TOLEDO is offering these services virtually or in-person, inviting manufacturers to attend test runs or opt for a digital experience.

The Application Center can run multiple products in a closed-loop processing line to simulate real production.

Other capabilities of the center include testing new products on METTLER TOLEDO equipment, trying the company’s X3750 glass-in-glass inspection system for detecting hard-to-inspect glass contaminants, and 3D printing capabilities to create special fixtures for optimal visual inspection.

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