HOUSTON — WellPet has donated 800 bags of pet food and treats to the Harris County Pets Resource Center in Houston to address repercussions of the winter storms and utility blackouts that have continued following record-low temperatures across Texas in February.

“At WellPet, giving back to local communities is a top priority,” said Chanda Leary-Coutu, director of consumer experience at WellPet. “Throughout the pandemic, our brand Wellness Natural Pet Food donated dog and cat food to animal shelters and food banks across the country to ensure pets in need were nourished during difficult times.

“When the unprecedented winter storms began impacting Texas residents, we knew that we had to help in the best way we could – by providing pets in need with natural, high-quality pet food and treats,” Leary-Coutu said. “We admire the Harris County Pets Resource Center’s mission to provide veterinary care and adoption services to homeless pets in the area, and we’re thrilled to donate over 800 bags of healthy, nutritious products to the dogs and cats in their care.”

The pet food and treat company donated a variety of its own brands, including Wellness Natural Pet Food products, dental dog treats by its WHIMZEES brand, and baked Old Mother Hubbard treats.

“WellPet’s generous donation will not only help us provide food and treats to the influx of dogs and cats in our care, but it will make for happier pets in an environment that, at times, can be stressful for them,” said Shannon Parker, outreach program manager at Harris County Pets. “…We’ll specifically use the donated treats for enrichment time and to reward good behavior.

“The Harris County Pets Resource Center continues to meet the challenges of caring for and feeding an influx of animals at our facility, especially during these uncertain times,” Parker added. “With power outages and no water for a period of time, we managed to continue the high level of care for our animals through the efforts of our dedicated staff – some of our team even walked to the facility and stayed overnight to care for the animals!”

Harris County is the main municipality in central Houston.

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