SLEEPY EYE, MINN. — Chasing Our Tails, Inc., a pet treat manufacturer in rural Minnesota, has reached an agreement with Seneca Foods Corporation to purchase a packing plant in Sleepy Eye for an undisclosed price. The plant was formerly owned by Del Monte, where the company produced canned vegetable products.

The 215,000-square-foot facility sits on 21 acres and will support Chasing Our Tails’ packaging operations, as well as warehousing, distribution, and the potential for new manufacturing lines in the future.

“I’m excited by the long-term potential for growth and expansion in Sleepy Eye, and I look forward to working with local community leaders to understand the myriad of business opportunities made possible by the awakening of this sleeping giant,” said Steve Trachtenberg, president of Chasing Our Tails.

The company stated that while financing and business outlook considerations are still at play, the successful integration of the plant by Chasing Our Tails could create 50 new jobs in the area over the next couple of years.

A rooftop view of the Sleepy Eye facility, provided by Chasing Our Tails.

“Chasing Our Tails will undeniably fill not just a huge facility that was recently left empty, but will also fill a gap left in the economics of our community,” commented Kurk Kramer of the Economic Development Authority in Sleepy Eye. “They will provide immediate job opportunities and offer additional job opportunities in the future. Steve’s record shows he has an interest not just in his company, but also in the community that his businesses are located in.

“Sleepy Eye has seen the facility [Chasing Our Tails] is going to be located in as one of the community’s largest manufacturing/production businesses for decades before it closed,” Kramer added. “We now look forward to the new manufacturing/production business that Steve brings, and look forward to decades of success from Chasing Our Tails! The EDA and City of Sleepy Eye will be partnering with Chasing Our Tails in a number of ways as they transition to our community!”

Chasing Our Tails produces preservative-free, odorless dog chews including hardwood smoked bones, dehydrated treats, freeze-dried treats, antler chews and other US-sourced products. Its manufacturing facilities are USDA-inspected and products can be found in more than 5,000 specialty retail locations across the country. The company manufactures its own branded product, as well as private label brands.

“Since arriving in Southern Minnesota in 2019, Chasing Our Tails has prided itself as a community asset in the towns in which it operates,” added Elena Kalogeropoulos, chief executive officer of Chasing Our Tails. “This acquisition would triple the company’s footprint and support expanded research, development and manufacturing.”

Trachtenberg said in an interview with Pet Food Processing that his first order of business regarding the new plant is to install a 22,000-square-foot freezer to facilitate his fresh meat-focused pet treat businesses. He said the facility will eventually be SQF Level II.

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