EDMONTON, ALBERTA — CanBiocin announced Sept. 28 it has been added to the National Animal Supplement Council’s (NASC) Preferred Supplier Program as a carefully vetted supplier of species-specific probiotic ingredients for pet food and treats.

To be accepted into the NASC Preferred Supplier Program, companies must meet a collection of benchmarks set by the organization. These include passing a third-party facility audit and demonstrating ongoing compliance in quality control, labelling guidelines, random product testing and other areas.

According to the company, CanBiocin exceeds required quality management system standards. Its quality assurance and control programs help the company consistently meet and surpass requirements set by the federal government.

“We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating industry-leading, species-specific probiotics for inclusion in pet food, pet treats and pet supplements,” said Dr. J.F. “Jake” Burlet, chief executive officer of CanBiocin. “We are proud to have this third-party validation of our product and processes to provide further assurance to our manufacturing clients.”

CanBiocin develops and manufactures naturally occurring probiotics to improve gastrointestinal health in companion animals. Its formulas are species-specific to target individual health needs across various breeds.

The company said its NASC status recognizes it as a member of an “exclusive group that strives for quality, vigilance and continuous improvement to promote the wellbeing of animals.”

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