CALGARY, ALBERTA — Natural Products Canada (NPC), a group that aims to advance the development and commercialization of natural products, announced May 9 its support in two revolutionary companies based in Alberta. One such company is CanBiocin Inc., a manufacturer of probiotics to support animal wellness. 

CanBiocin will participate in NPC’s Commercialization Programs, which focus on three challenges commonly experienced by natural, innovative companies: product validation, talent and competitive strategy. The programs consist of three tracts — Proof of Concept, Access to Talent, and Fast Track to Financing — to help companies address these knowledge gaps. Through the programs, NPC provides in-depth advice, guidance and resource connections, serving as “strategic angels” to innovative companies. 

Founded in 1998, CanBiocin originally began as a spin-off company of the University of Alberta. The company has since evolved, developing species-specific probiotic ingredients for livestock and companion animals. Its range includes ingredients specifically designed for canines, felines and equines. CanBiocin’s ingredients have been vetted by the National Animal Supplement Council’s (NASC) Preferred Supplier Program for use in pet foods and treats. 

CanBiocin receives investment from Natural Products Canada

From left to right: Jake Burlet, CEO of CanBiocin, and Shelley King, CEO of Natural Products Canada.

| Source: Natural Products Canada

To support CanBiocin, NPC is investing $49,680, enabling a total budget of $124,200, through its Access to Talent Program. This is expected to allow CanBioncin to expand its personnel expertise, as well as its commercialization activities. 

“Like many early-stage companies, we need to build an increasingly high performing team to keep pace with our rapid growth,” said Jake Burlet, chief executive officer, CanBiocin. “NPC’s capital is the perfect support for our current hiring needs.”

In addition to CanBiocin, NPC is also supporting SixRing Inc., a company focused on the creation of sustainable biofuels. 

“Natural Products Canada is proud to support the development of natural products as a catalyst of sustainable economic development that benefits all Canadians,” said Shelley King, chief executive officer, Natural Products Canada. “NPC’s investment in Alberta’s start-ups CanBiocin and SixRing Inc. is a sign of our commitment to companies harnessing the power of nature to create competitive sustainable products that contribute to Canada’s economy and the planet as a whole.”

Since its establishment in 2016, NPC has provided support to more than 1,600 Canadian startups and has helped facilitate thousands of strategic introductions for these startups, exposing them to investors, industry leaders, business and technical consultants and others to help foster innovation.

“Thanks to our government’s support, Natural Products Canada is helping Canadian entrepreneurs navigate the marketplace and bring a wide range of ecologically mindful products to consumers,” said François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry of Canada. “These projects represent diverse opportunities for innovation, while creating skilled jobs and promoting a greener economy for all Canadians.”

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