VIENNA, AUSTRIA — Coveris, a European flexible packaging solutions provider, announced July 2 the opening of its new Pack Innovation Centre in Halle, Germany. The company aims to innovate, educate and validate its flexible packaging solutions at the new technical center.

The facility, which spans more than 4,300 square feet, features the company’s state-of-the-art packaging equipment, including a thermoformer, tray-sealer and its form-fill-seal systems applicable for a variety of industries, including pet food and treats.

“The Pack Innovation Centre is a perfect reflection of our commitment to the world of packaging,” said Jakob A. Mosser, chief executive officer of Coveris. “The centre has been designed to add value through all steps of packaging development, from raw material selection to a circular economy logic.

“In addition, it brings great value to our customers as they can conduct trials on original, industrial packaging machines without blocking their own production,” Mosser continued. “It gives us an exciting opportunity to join forces with our customers and work with them on designing the packaging of the future.”

Cross-functional training sessions, workshops and product trials will also be conducted at the Pack Innovation Centre.

The technical center complements Coveris’s Pack Positive Centre in Leeds, United Kingdom, which was established in March 2019 to serve a similar purpose of product development, equipment training and education, with an emphasis on packaging sustainability.

Coveris offers a variety of premade flexible pouches, bags and films, as well as roll stock materials, for pet food and treat packaging applications. The Vienna-based company operates 26 production facilities across Europe.

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