EDMONTON, ALBERTA — CanBiocin Inc., a Canada-based producer of species-specific probiotics for pets and livestock, has entered the United States market with its acquisition of Pure Cultures Inc., another manufacturer of pet and livestock animal probiotic products based in Denver.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. The acquisition was completed April 30.

Following the acquisition, Steve Kazemi, founder and chief executive officer of Pure Cultures, will join CanBiocin as chief commercialization officer.

“CanBiocin’s portfolio of species-specific probiotics support animal health by building health through the gut microbiome,” said Jake Burlet, DVM, chief executive officer of CanBiocin. “The microbiome is the community of microorganisms residing in the intestinal tract and is responsible for digestion, metabolism, immune function and protecting against harmful bacteria.”

Pure Cultures also manufactures fermentation metabolites for treating and preventing animal diseases, as well as products for poultry and swine livestock.

“CanBiocin, together with an expanded suite of species-specific probiotics sourced via this asset purchase from Pure Cultures, has clearly positioned itself as a global leader with deep subject matter expertise in microbiome support,” Burlet concluded.

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