CALGARY, Alberta and SURREY, British Columbia — Chrysalis Acquisition Partners Inc. has acquired a majority equity ownership interest in Phoenix Imports Inc., a major Canadian importer and distributor of premium dog treats. The acquisition will help Phoenix enter the US pet treat market and expand in Canada.

Chrysalis has completed this purchase through Chrysalis Acquisition Fund I Limited Partners and its management team. Additional financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

Phoenix Imports is based in Surrey, British Columbia and distributed, premium, all natural, single-ingredient meat and bone dog treats across 1,000 Canadian retail locations. The company offers two brands, Open Range and Exeter Farms, which provide dehydrated and cured animal-based dog treats including beef, lamb, goat, yak, pork, water buffalo and kangaroo. Phoenix’s suppliers raise the meat on grass and do not use hormones, antibiotics, steroids or preservatives.

“With the added benefit of Chrysalis’ extensive business experience and resources, we are highly confident that Phoenix Imports will continue to build on its solid foundation of success to date and capitalize on the tremendous growth opportunities represented by the highly robust North American pet supply market and the rapidly growing neighborhood pet retailer niche in particular,” said Shaun White, founder and president of Phoenix.

Chrysalis Acquisition Partners logoChrysalis Acquisition Partners Inc. is a private equity firm based in Calgary, Alberta. The Chrysalis Acquisition Fund I is specifically used for acquiring strong small-to-medium-sized companies based in Western Canada.

“…We believe the Open Range and Exeter products align extremely well with a number of rapidly evolving North American pet owner trends, including a strong disposition towards purchasing healthy, all-natural dog treats from knowledgeable neighborhood pet stores and specialty pet retailers,” added Glenn N. Huber, founder and managing director of Chrysalis. “As a result, we believe that Phoenix Imports is ideally positioned for significant growth in Canada and the United States and are delighted to add this dynamic company to our growing portfolio of high-quality businesses.” 

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