EASTON, Pa. — Phillips Pet Food & Supplies announced April 24 its addition of Essence pet food products to its distribution centers in Taunton, Massachusetts and Sacramento, California. Essence is a newer brand of super premium meat-first, high-protein pet diets by Pets Global, Inc., which also owns the brands Zignature and Fussie Cat.

Essence dry pet foods are at least 85% animal protein, while its wet pet foods are 96% animal protein. Each formula includes four main sources of animal protein and the first seven ingredients in each kibble are animal protein.

Essence offers red meat formulas, Ranch & Meadow Recipe, for cats and dogs, as well as poultry formulas, Air & Gamefowl Recipe, and Ocean & Freshwater Recipe fish formulas. The red meat formulas include animal proteins from boar, goat, lamb and pork, poultry formulas incorporate guinea fowl, duck, turkey and chicken, and the fish formulas are focused around herring, sardine, mackerel and salmon protein.

Each formula is free from grains, potatoes, alfalfa, flaxseed and sunflower oil.

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