EASTON, Pa. — Phillips Pet Food & Supplies announced May 6 it will stock Horizon Pet Nutrition’s Legacy brand at its distribution centers on the east and west coasts. The pet food line will be added to Phillips’ Arizona, Massachusetts, Oregon and Pennsylvania centers, as well as facilities in Sacramento and Anaheim, California.

“Phillips is committed to increasing our assortment of premium pet foods, giving our independent pet customers access to high-quality, in-demand ancestral diets,” says Elizabeth Thibodeau, senior VP of merchandising and marketing services for Phillips. “We are pleased to expand the Horizon line with Legacy’s innovative kibble recipes, which offer the benefits of raw protein pet foods and align with the humanization trend in the pet industry.”

Legacy’s super-premium kibble pet foods for dogs and cats are grain- and potato-free, providing “benefits of a raw diet,” according to the company. The products contain 81% protein content from chicken, salmon, turkey eggs and chicken fat. They are also formulated with fresh fruits and vegetables to deliver antioxidants.

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