On Jan. 23, organizations in the agriculture industry called on the Department of Commerce and Office of US Trade to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum imports and remove all retaliatory tariffs on trade among those involved. The letter, addressed to Secretary Wilbur Ross and Ambassador Robert Lighthizer, was backed by 46 organizations, including the Pet Food Institute, National Renderers Association, Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Flexible Packaging Association, North American Meat Institute, US Chamber of Commerce, Grocery Manufacturers Association and US Grains Council.

The letter states: “For many farmers, ranchers and manufacturers, the damage from the reciprocal trade actions in the steel dispute far outweighs any benefit that may accrue to them from the USMCA. The continued application of metal tariffs means ongoing economic hardship for US companies that depend on imported steel and aluminum, but that are not exempted from these tariffs. Producers of agricultural and manufactured products that are highly dependent on the Canadian and Mexican markets are also suffering serious financial losses.”

It continued to urge the two recipients to take any necessary steps to resolve current trade issues so no-tariff trade in North America can continue and the USMCA is approved by Congress.

Read the full text of the letter and a full list of stakeholders in support of it.


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