WEIDMAN, MICH. — Dr. Jan Pol, veterinarian and star of “The Incredible Dr. Pol” TV series, announced his expected attendance at the upcoming Global Pet Expo from March 20 to 21, in addition to a slew of new products.

According to Consumers Supply Distributing, LLC, Dr. Pol’s branded products have witnessed “incredible growth.” The newest addition focuses on wet dog and cat foods under the Dr. Pol® Limited Ingredient and Incredi-Pol® Favorites lines. The canned wet foods are designed and developed using Dr. Pol’s 50-plus years of veterinary experience to support overall health in pets.

Dr. Pol will showcase its new wet pet foods, as well as other pet supplies during Global Pet Expo 2024Source: Consumers Supply Distributing

“I’m excited to incorporate the insights I’ve learned in my 50 years of veterinary experience, collaborating with great companies to develop an affordable and practical line of animal wellness and pet care products that are unique to the marketplace,” Dr. Pol said.

The new canned recipes lines build upon the brand’s continued success and aim to provide quality pet foods at affordable prices.

“I am a firm believer that the No. 1 factor impacting an animal’s health and lifespan is nutrition,” Dr. Pol said. “Working with Consumers Supply Distributing, these wet foods will complement our existing lines of dry dog and cat food that are already available.”

In addition to the new wet dog and cat foods, the brand will also showcase its returning products, including Dr. Pol® Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Salmon Recipe, which is formulated with six ingredients and designed to provide pets with all the nutrition they need without any added ingredients that may exacerbate food sensitivities. It will also highlight its Incredi-Pol™ Favorites dog and cat foods and treats, which balance affordability with quality, and other pet supplies.

The Dr. Pol brand will exhibit at booth #4023 during Global. Dr. Pol and his family, including wife Diane Pol, son Charles Pol, who is the chief executive officer of Docson Brands LLC, and daughter-in-law Beth Pol, who is chief operating officer of Docson Brands, will attend the show on March 20. Additionally, Dr. Pol and Charles Pol will be at the show on March 21.

“The Dr. Pol brand resonates with consumers, and our family of products has experienced tremendous growth over the last five years,” said Charles and Beth Pol. “We are focused on a capture and hold strategy. Consumers may try the products because they recognize ‘That guy from TV,’ but they continue to buy the products because we offer excellence at an affordable price. We’re very excited to be seeing continued growth and accessibility of the brand.

“… We’re also rapidly expanding accessibility of the brand into retailers throughout the US in traditional brick and mortar and .com,” they added. “More than ever, consumers need a brand that can cut through the confusion of products and labels. The Dr. Pol brand understands this and will continue to curate product lines that pet owners and animal lovers know they can trust because Dr. Pol stands behind them.”

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