DURHAM, N.C. — Agricultural bio-tech company, Arbiom, announced Sept. 10 it has successfully concluded a trial of its SylPro alternative protein ingredient for dog food. The 26-week trial compared the nutritional effects of SylPro to that of conventional chicken meal in order to make a case that the alternative protein is a viable substitute for traditional protein in a dog diet.

SylPro is a single-cell protein derived from yeast fermented using wood-based material, then processed to fulfill nutritional and functional requirements for animal food.

During the study, eight adult Labrador retrievers were fed a diet containing SylPro as a main source of protein, then monitored for body weight, critical blood values, stool quality and other clinical observations, Arbiom said.

SylPro wood-derived protein from ArbiomThe results of the study revealed the SylPro-protein diet supported weight maintenance and overall health in adult dogs and fulfilled requirements set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). The diet also increased stool quality, according to Arbiom.

“The study results validate that Arbiom’s protein product can be a nutritional, sustainable, natural and traceable alternative protein ingredient for use in adult dog food,” said Dr. Craig Coon, president of Four Rivers Kennel and professor at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

A previous study concluded SylPro has functional processing benefits as a binding agent, offering processors an alternative to grain-based binders. The results of these two studies indicate that SylPro could be a viable substitute for traditional protein sources in dog food.

“The promising results from this study highlight the potential of SylPro to be a high-quality, sustainable protein source for companion animal nutrition. We look forward to continuing our research and development initiatives and working with industry partners in pet food to develop this high-performance alternative protein product for use in pet food,” said Emily Glenn, business development director at Arbiom.

Arbiom operates a pilot plant in Norton, Virginia, where it develops and tests its “pre-treatment and enzymatic hydrolysis process technology,” as well as a research and development facility where it produces alternative protein products. The basis of the company’s research is to convert wood-based materials into nutritionally efficient and sustainable food sources for people and animals. 

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