A report from packaged facts, “Pet Industry Outlook: Veterinary Services and Pet Product Retailing,” revealed an emphasis among US pet owners on the health and longevity of their pets lives is leading the growth of functional, preventative foods for dogs and cats.

As part of the report, Packaged Facts conducted a survey that revealed 72% of dog owners and 67% of cat owners agreed to the statement, “High-quality dog foods/cat foods are effective in preventative healthcare.” Furthermore, more than 75% of both dog and cat owners agreed pets with specific health concerns can benefit from pet food with nutrition formulations targeting those concerns.

According to the survey, the most popular formulas of functional pet foods among pet owners are oral/dental health, skin and coat, senior/mature, weight management, joint/mobility and digestive/sensitive stomach for both dogs and cats, and hairball formulas for cats as well.

"Just as many Americans are proactive about their own health diet-wise, a sizeable majority of pet owners believe the pet foods they buy have a strong impact on the health of their pets," said David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts.

Packaged Facts reported the trend toward functional pet diets is related to US pets living longer lives on average, therefore experiencing age-related health problems such as joint, coronary, cognitive and immune system-related issues, as well as diabetes and cancer. Packaged Facts predicted these functional pet diets will be a growth prospect in the pet food market in coming years.

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