TORONTO — CULT Food Science Corp. announced that its subsidiary Further Foods Inc. has filed two Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications for its Bmmune™ and Bflora™ ingredients, as well as its propriety freeze drying process used in its Noochies! pet treat line. This PCT will provide the company with patent protection in more than 150 countries.  

Bmmune™ is a blend of nutritional yeast and fermented ingredients designed to meet and exceed dogs’ and cats’ protein requirements while supporting gut health and immune defense. Bflora™ is made from probiotic bacteria to help create and maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract for pets. These benefits make Noochies! a groundbreaking product in the cultivated pet food market, according to the company.

“The patent applications protecting our Bmmune™ and Bflora™ technologies are a significant milestone for CULT,” said Mitchell Scott, chief executive officer of CULT Food Science. “They underscore the innovative nature of our Noochies! product line. We are dedicated to advancing our development efforts to bring cutting-edge solutions to the pet food market, driving value for our shareholders.

“Noochies! continued traction demonstrates that pet owners see nutritive benefits in avoiding animal byproducts and meats coming from dead, dying or diseased farmed animals,” Scott continued. “Pet foods that contain farmed animal meat have a heavy toll on the environment, estimated to emit as many as 64 million tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year.”

In additional news, Noochies! products are now available on 18 online marketplaces including Walmart, Kroger, in addition to Amazon, which was announced one June 18. Further Foods recently partnered with Valet Seller, which will continue to help Noochies! achieve visibility and availability on other e-commerce marketplaces. 

“Our expanded presence on major online marketplaces is a crucial step in making Noochies! widely accessible,” Scott said. “Partnering with Valet Seller ensures that our innovative pet food products reach a larger audience, driving our growth and enhancing shareholder value.”

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