Ten The Honest Kitchen appoints new COO (June 6)
Kirk Jensen will leverage his CPG and leadership experience to help drive operational excellence and advance the human-grade pet food company’s success. 

NineACANA introduces new dog food line (June 19)
The new Classics line includes three dry dog food recipes, pairing pearled barley with chicken, salmon or beef proteins. The recipes are formulated to support overall health.

EightUnited Petfood sets up shop in US (June 11)
The company acquired a pet food manufacturing facility in Indiana from Wellness Pet Company, marking its first operation in the United States. 

SevenPet Valu introduces minimally processed dog foods (June 4)
Performatrin Culinary offers high-quality, easy-to-serve minimally processed and frozen nutrition for dogs. The line includes eight raw and seven gently cooked formulas.

SixNew study examines impact of extrusion on protein quality of pulses (June 19)
According to the research from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, extrusion increased the protein quality and amino acid digestibility of pulses.

FiveTime for change: Addressing regulatory reform in pet food (June 4)
Though the PURR Act represents a significant move toward modernizing regulatory oversight, it presents challenges that must be addressed, according to BSM Partners. 

Four Instinct cuts ribbon on Center of Excellence (June 7)
The company’s Center of Excellence brings all manufacturing operations, from freeze-drying and high-pressure processing to packaging, to one expansive campus. 

Three20+ new facility announcements throughout pet nutrition industry (June 11)
From manufacturers to suppliers and even consultancy firms, the pet food and treat industry continues to ramp up its operations to keep up with shifting demands from pet parents.

TwoMars Pet Nutrition on a mission to create ‘A Better World for Pets’ (June 11)
By leveraging its pet research and data, Mars Pet Nutrition will continue to support the health and wellness of four-legged companions through continued innovation. 

OneEvolving pet ownership leads to shift in consumer purchasing behaviors (June 18)
The emergence of younger pet parents, continued humanization of pets, and shifting consumer expectations are all playing an imperative role in current purchasing behaviors. 

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