MUMBAI, INDIA — Camlin Fine Sciences Limited (CFS) announced June 11 its wholly owned subsidiary Dresen Quimica SAPI De CV, Mexico (CFS Mexico) entered a share purchase agreement to acquire 100% stake in Vitafor Invest NV, Belgium and its subsidiaries and associates for 1 Euro ($1.07 USD). This purchase will fortify CFS’s position in the animal nutrition sector, according to the company.

The agreement transfers 100% ownership of Addi-Tech NV, Vitafor NV, Vitafor China Ltd. and Europe Bio Engineering BV and 45% ownership of Vial Sàrl.

“This collaboration with Vitafor is a testament to our steadfast growth strategy and commitment to enhancing our portfolio with reputed brands,” said Nirmal Momaya, managing director at CFS. “It not only expands our footprint across markets but also amplifies our capacity for innovation, fast-tracks our journey towards building a comprehensive portfolio.”

Vitafor's feed ingredients, nutritional products, hygiene products and disinfectants will expand CFS’s portfolio across various animal segments and will strengthen the company’s expertise in its Animal Nutrition business to include more shelf-life enhancement, feed safety and animal performance solutions, according to the company.

In recent years, CFS’s Animal Nutrition business has expanded beyond antioxidants to include more products including toxin binders, mold inhibitors, pellet binders, growth promoters, moisture optimization and feed sanitization programs that serve the poultry, swine, ruminant, aquaculture and pet food segments.

CFS acquired CFS Mexico in 2016. “Acquisition of CFS Mexico was a strategic move that strengthened CFS’s presence across Mexico, Central America and the Andean States for the animal nutrition segment and integration of Vitafor would certainly be the next strategic leap forward,” the company said.

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