Hydro Pressure + Pack will open a new HPP facility to service pet food processorsSource: Hydro Pressure + Pack

TWINSBURG, OHIO — Hydro Pressure + Pack, a leader in food safety technology, announced it will soon open its state-of-the-art facility in August 2024. The facility will specialize in hydro pressure processing (HPP), providing the service to pet food processors throughout the region.

As consumers continue to enforce their own diet preferences onto their pets in the name of supporting their health and wellness, demand for minimally processed pet foods, like raw formats, has continued to skyrocket. HPP has become a popular processing method for processors seeking to create these formulas, while also ensuring food safety and increasing shelf life. 

Hydro Pressure + Pack uses HPP, a cold pasteurization method that uses ultra-high pressure purified water. According to the company, HPP helps ensure raw pet foods are free from pathogens and extends shelf life of refrigerated pre-packaged raw pet food products naturally without the need for additives or preservatives. 

“The raw pet food market is exploding and just as people are looking for less processed, more nutritious foods, pet owners are looking to provide similar products for their pets, so you are seeing an increase in HPP usage in the pet food industry,” said Bob McCoy, sales account executive at Hydro Pressure + Pack.

Through its HPP facility, Hydro Pressure + Pack will serve as a vital partner to pet food processors in the through the Midwest and East Coast, supporting regional brands and meeting consumer demand for safe, high-quality pet nutrition. The company will leverage more than 20 years of expertise through its parent company Innovation Food Services. 

 “We are looking forward to developing strong partnerships throughout the pet food manufacturing community,” McCoy said.

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