TORONTO — CULT Food Science Corp. announced the successful launch of its cultivated pet food and treat brand Noochies! on on June 18. According to CULT, this launch onto Amazon represents a major distribution milestone in its mission to “revolutionize” the pet food industry through the use of sustainable, cellular-cultivated and nutrient-rich products. 

According to research from Bloomberg Intelligence, Amazon held 34% of pet e-commerce market share in 2022, second only to Chewy. Noochies! plans to leverage Amazon’s foothold in the pet industry, as well as its affiliate program, to boost its influencer marketing initiatives to rapidly grow the brand’s direct-to-consumer sales.

CULT originally announced its intentions to launch Noochies! on the e-commerce platform, along with several others, toward the end of May through its subsidiary Further Foods. The subsidiary recently partnered with Valet Seller, which will continue to help Noochies! achieve accretive and accelerated listings on other e-commerce marketplaces. 

Noochies! products available via Amazon include the brand’s freeze-dried dog snacks and cat snacks. Both treats are formulated with patent-pending ingredients Bmmune™ and Bflora™, offering pets high levels of nutrients and protein without any use of factory farming.

“Having Noochies! available on Amazon in the United States represents another important milestone for growth and consumer education,” said Mitchell Scott, chief executive officer of CULT. “The Amazon affiliate program is something we have been strategically planning for and will be an important aspect of how we scale and grow Noochies! over the coming quarters.”

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