TIANJIN, CHINA — Mars Pet Food officially began operations at its new facility in Tianjin in May, according to the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA). According to TEDA, the factory is one of Mars’ largest and most advanced pet food factories and required an investment of nearly 1 billion RMB ($137.7 million USD). 

The pet food facility spans 110,000 square meters (1,184,030 square feet). The factory currently includes a dry pet food line and will consist of a treat line, which is expected to begin operations in the second half of this year. Once the factory is fully operational, Mars estimates its annual production capacity will exceed 250,000 tons. 

Additionally, the company is already planning additional investments, including the addition of a wet pet food production line. 

According to TEDA, the pet industry in Tianjin has rapidly expanded. The area now has several leading players including Mars, Nestlé and Ringpai.

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